The game is a battle and shooting type itself. The game starts with the landing of the player with the help of parachute in a remote and unseen island. There player shares the land with 49 other players whose target is to survive for long time. The player who last for a long time is the winner of the game. After passing each and every difficulty players get rewards and coins to play the next levels of the game easily but in case of need or when it becomes hard for the player to overcome the hardness of the game or to kill the enemies then Garena Free Fire Cheats are trustworthy and player can surmount the difficulties of the game.

Tips for longer survival in the game:

There are some useful tips can be used during the play time. These are so beneficial for player whether he is new or old one:

  • Involve in the loot of weapons and resources as well as collect them from dead players.
  • Joining a team of other players also enables the player to kill enemies efficiently.
  • Whenever player finds enemies near try to have weapons to kill them. Hence, the first worth doing thing to acquire weapons and medical healing kits.
  • Characters of the game have different and certain skill, and characteristic. So, make a team of different players with different qualities.
  • Player should collect varied sorts of weapons update old one.

Keep in the safe zone and keep an open eye

Keeping an eagle eye on map by players of the game is no doubt beneficial. In this way the gamer can survive for long time. It also saves player from enemies. Player must look for weapons in the map and also look out for safe zones to hide and protect for some time. Avoiding fight with enemies by player and Garena Free Fire Cheats assists player to be the last player of the game. But remember if player gets killed then the game will start again.