In this modern era, everyone likes to play the game for making the day enjoyable. Choices stories are the best playing aspect and consist of some exciting features. Here the player will meet with several stories, and he/ she needs to select anyone. It is a good source of relaxing the mind and help in motivating. Pixelberry has launched the game for iOS and Android platform at free of cost.

Here one can use the Choices Cheats 2019 for earning the currency at a higher rate. If in some cases if the players are not able to earn the currency, then they can use this tool. Most of the time, players are quite confused in collecting the currency at a higher rate.

How to collect the currency?

Use of hack

In this game, there are two main currencies of the game known as keys and diamonds. Those who think that it is easy to earn, but unfortunately, it is quite challenging because players need to put some efforts then they can take help from cheats and hacks.


Challenges are also helpful in earning the keys and diamonds. As we know that the game is consist of several problems so as the player will complete the challenges.


Here the players have the choice to select any one storyline and make the changes according to their needs. If the story is engaging, then one can earn some currency.

Through the above tips, you will get some knowledge of earning the currencies at a higher level. So you need to make the aspect clear and earn the currencies for upgrading.