Fight The Good Fight To Earn Stars And Win The Game

Gaming seems to be the best entertainment as the gamers get the core enjoyment in playing different sorts of games. Gaming engages the mind of the player in the game and makes the player to get involved in the game seriously so that the player can have enjoyable time. Gaming is the best choice to pass the time freely and many players play without minding time. Many gaming enthusiasts use to play games not only in the free time but also when they are moving to some place in the local transport.

Gaming genres

Video game players use to be selective in choosing the game. It is not sure that each game in the market is interesting because the game play may ruin the game if it is not interesting. It is the game play that makes the game interesting otherwise it would be nothing. Different types of gaming genres are there and the one of the most selected gaming genre is strategic game with real time playing option. Actually it would be boring to play the games just with the computer so in order to have exciting gaming experience players choose strategic games with real time playing option and the one such game is Brawl Stars.

Super game


Brawl star game is developed and released by Supercell and it is well know that they are the developers of the most famous games Clash of Clans and Clash of Royale. These games are known for the game play and the game is all set for the strategic game lovers. Likewise the Brawl stars are a game with a difference in the game play slightly from Clash of clan and brawl stars Royale. The highlight of this game is the 3×3 team format so the player could not play as a single player but as a team with 3 members. Likewise the opponent team will also have 3 members. So the match happens between two teams of totally 6 players. There are 4 different modes in the game out of which only one mode has no restriction to play as 3 member team.

Collect and brawl stars hacks fight

The main feature of this game is collecting the brawls and there are totally 15 brawls in the game. The brawls are characters chosen by the player for the match. The players have to find the brawls from the brawl box and the player would get Elixir using which the player has to upgrade the brawlers.

Objective in each mode

This game has 4 different modes such as Bounty, Smash and Grab, Show Down and Heist. In the bounty mode the match will be between two teams with 3 members and the objective is to kill the players of the opponent team. In the smash and grab as the name implies, the player has to smash the opponent grab the stars earned by the opponent players. The one of the mode called show down in which the players don’t play as a team with 3×3 but as 10 players. In the heist mode defending the safe from the opponent is the main objective